She's married

1:00 AM

 Saturday I was part of a wedding. I was the maid-of-honor for Rachel David. She has been like a younger sister to me. I thought ya'll might like to see some pictures.

Helping her into her dress

The vows being said
Giving a hug to Mrs. Rachel Buster

My very handsome brother wanted to get a picture with me. My sister Mikayla captured the moment. 

The happy bride and groom. 

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  1. Aww, sweet pictures. :) I love the one of you and your brother.

  2. How lovely! Beautiful pictures! Aww, that picture of you and your brother is so sweet. ^_^ Also I love your hair and dress! You look so beautiful! :) As does the bride, of course. ;) I hope they'll be very happy! That's great! :D

  3. Wow Sarah! You look beautiful! I love your hair! You and your brother are sweet together!

  4. Lovely bride and a lovely maid of honor. You both look beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures.