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I like to start my morning with digging into a devotional. I love reading the Bible, but first thing in the morning, I am not ready to digest scripture. I normally start by reading in a book or devotional then reading a couple chapters of the Bible. I enjoy a wide variety of devotional books, including books that weren’t intended to be so.

As you can see, most of the books shown are not your typical devotional books. All of these books have been a great blessing to me however, in the recent years.

Digging into a book about my faith, first thing in the morning helps me start my day. What do you start your time with God?

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  1. I always feel better on mornings that I get up early enough to read a devotional and/or the Bible, but I've fallen out of that routine and am having a hard time getting back into it! (I like sleep. A lot.) What are the titles of the books in the photo? I like to keep an eye out for good devotionals. :)

  2. The Books are:
    Stumbling into Grace
    Your Beautiful Purpose
    Putting on a Gentle and Quiet Spirit: 1 Peter
    For I Know the Plans I Have for You (Butterfly)

  3. Hmm...that's a good idea, Sarah! Thanks for sharing! I have a hard time getting up out of bed myself, but reading a devotional first to wake me up doesn't sound that bad. And I agree--it is hard to completely digest scripture right away. :)