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2:14 PM

I was planning on writing a real post with some thoughts today, but yesterday I got only a couple of paragraphs edited. So today I am busy with my minion (editing minion, that is) and working on  editing A Different Kind of Courage. I have sent out the first couple of chapters to two dear girls who are helping me in the early stage of editing. I hope that by the end of the month I will be sending this book out to my editing team.

Yes, it is cold today in Texas (I can hear you laughing, my  Minnesota friends) and I am enjoying hot tea and a warm fire as I work on editing, book reviews, and this blog post.

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  1. Hello! I'm a new follower of your jolly blog here. :) I found it humerous, the bit about cold weather, and your Minnesotan friends laughing. I'm a Minnesotan. :D
    And I believe you say it's cold, since everything is compared to something! Compared to probably upper Canada or Alaska or something, MN is probably warm. XD
    Anywho, I'm enjoying your blog thus far. :)

    1. Raechel, welcome! I am so glad to have you here! So true about comparison. I am sure that while summers in Minnesota are mild for me, they can feel really hot for those that live there. I shall just have to tease some of my MN friends in the summer time when they start complaining about the heat.