Finds of the Week 2/14/14

1:00 AM

Articles and Posts I have enjoyed
Adventure Feels Like Today
~A wonderful reminder of what it means to be content~

Want a simple, no-nonsense explanation of how to get started with Google Plus? This post is written for you, not just for bloggers or geeks. Come try G+!
~ Great advice~ 
How to Organize Your Blog Archives (3 steps to sort your content)
~More great advice~

Why Smattering is Good For You; A Letter to Bloggers
~I guess all good posts on blogging come with a round picture.~

Most Bloggers Think About Social Media the Wrong Way
Most Bloggers Think About Social Media the Wrong Way
~Can you tell I am into blog improvement this week?~

Word of the Week - Colors
~So good to know~

45 ways to avoid using the word 'very'
~Very helpful ;) ~

The Valentines! May the VOTING BEGIN!
~Some Valentine fun!~

Guy/Girl Friendships: Untangled on @KindredGrace
Guy/Girl Friendships: Untangled
~So good~

Things I have written, Interviews I have given

Sarah Holman and The Destiny of One
~A fun interview~

Alone on Mars for Valentines Day
~What is Maria doing?~

Is Self-Publishing for you? Making your Decision.
~The last in a four part series~

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