Growing, Learning, Stretching

5:42 PM

Thank you for all your prayers. I am feeling much better and stronger. My book is behind schedule, but I am making progress.

I have often been told by my parents (only half in jest) to be careful what I pray for, I just might get it. A few times in the past three weeks, I have wondered if I should have prayed to hear the voice of God better. I am learning to hear it beyond the doubts and the fears that sometimes wish to crowd my mind. And through it all, I am also learning to pull my thoughts and his apart, but it is a long process that is hard.

However, even in the midst of the hard time, I am blessed to see my faith being strengthened and learning to hear that still, small voice.

One of the things that has been a great blessing has actually been a TV series based on the book Christy by Catherine Marshall. Although the TV series is far from perfect (I hope to write a review soon) they did capture some wonderful aspects of faith. One of the lines that I keep repeating is one Miss Alice speaks: "Hold on to joy."

Too often when we go through a hard time, we lose sight of joy. Joy is often confused with happiness, but it is not the same thing. Joy is like a deep spring. Even when life is hard and there is little to smile about, joy never runs out. Joy is the choice to see the best, when your own mind is screaming the worst. Joy is seeing the beauty that God sees, not the ugliness.

Too often when I go through hard times, I keep myself there longer than I need to be because I fret and worry. I have been spending more time lately thinking about my doubts and fears instead of choosing God. Today, I have decided to change. Today, I am choosing joy. I am going to listen for that still small voice instead of my own. I am going to think about what is true, not my fears. I am going cast my worries on my Heavenly Father because I know he cares for me.

"Hold on to Joy"

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