Writing Saturday: E is for Eleanor

1:00 AM

Age at the beginning of the story: 11

Age at the end: 13

Siblings: One brother

Best friend: Alditha

Greatest sorrows: The loss of her mother and father. Having to leave her childhood home.

Greatest joys: Spending time with her brother and new friend, Alditha.

A bit of her tale: Eleanor skipped and twirled as she led the way to the place she was supposed to meet her brother. “There isn’t any Maggie here to give us orders, that is what makes it so peaceful.”
“Are we close? I’m not sure I can walk much further without a rest.” Alditha pushed a strand of hair that had fallen from her kerchief.

 “We always meet at the same spot; here follow me.” Eleanor took hold of Alditha’s hand. She led her deeper into the forest.

Alditha looked up at the canopy of color above and below her.  The forest floor was littered with twigs and leaves creating a beautiful tapestry of color. There were a few trees that were still green, and those were the ones that kept that color year round. There were trees with golden yellow leaves, others with brilliant red ones, there were others with a soft orange shade, and still others that were brown.

Alditha was so busy looking up that she tripped and nearly fell over the root of a particularly large oak.
“Are you okay?” Eleanor dropped beside Alditha.

Alditha’s laughter filled the air. “Other than the fact that I feel like toddler trying to walk, I am fine.”
“It isn’t much further,” Eleanor encouraged. It was only a very few steps later that they came to a halt in front of an area that was thick with undergrowth. “Our special place it right through here.” She bent down and pushed aside the branches for two bushes disappeared through them.

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