Writing Saturday; T is for Time

1:00 AM

If I am on Facebook, I am not facing my foes
If I am twitting, I am not describing what the birds sound like
If I am stressing over an e-mail, I am not working to rescue the damsel in distress
If I left my chores to the last minute, I will leave my main character hanging
If I put off writing until ‘later’ it may never get done
Time is what is needed to write a story. Use yours wisely 

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  1. Very good advice Sarah, and so true, about so many things too...not just writing. :) Thank you!


  2. Oh dear. Did I ever need to read this. I need to work at managing my time better. At the current moment an MC is kidnapped and I still have to send another MC to rescue her. Neither character is very happy with me at the moment. ;)