Adventure Between the Pages: The Voice Bible

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Book Description: The Voice™ is a faithful dynamic equivalent translation that reads like a story with all the truth and wisdom of God's Word. Through compelling narratives, poetry, and teaching, The Voice invites readers to enter into the whole story of God with their heart, soul, and mind, enabling them to hear God speaking and to experience His presence in their lives. Through a collaboration of more than 120 biblical scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and artists, The Voice recaptures the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in the translation process. The result is a retelling of the story of the Bible in a form as fluid as modern literary works, yet remaining painstakingly true to the original manuscripts.

Features include:
*Italicized information added to help contemporary readers understand what the original readers would have known intuitively
* In-text commentary notes include cultural, historical, theological, or devotional thoughts
* Screenplay format, ideal for public readings and group studies
*Book introductions

I have never been one to run out and get the latest version of the Bible.  In fact, I am a skeptic when it comes to new versions. For years I have stuck to my NIV Bible, sometimes using the NAS or the KJV. That all changed with a trip to Mardel Christian Bookstore in Dallas. As I was waiting for my mom to finish checking out, I started flipping this Bible they had on the counter.

“That is a new version of the Bible, it isn’t out for another few weeks,” the cashier told me. “It is a Bible that reads like a novel.”

Reads like a novel. Words to strike fear into the hearts of people like me that view the Message Bible with suspicion. However, for some reason, I kept reading.  My mom ended up having to drag me away from the table, telling me she would find me a copy of the Bible. The very next week, my mom surprised me with a copy of The Voice: New Testament. I started reading, and I fell in love.

For the next week, I could hardly put The Voice down.  It wasn’t that they had changed it into an action story, but that they had updated the words to modern usage. They had translated the scriptures into not only English I can read, but also used words that better translate the ideas in the verses into the modern understanding.

No translation is perfect. If you want a perfect version start learning your Greek and Hebrew ;) If you are looking for a Bible that is a style that we in this age are more accustomed to without losing the integrity, check out The Voice.
I received this book from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review.  The opinions in this review are entirely my own.

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