Multitudes on Mondays; MOHL

3:00 AM

When I started Meditations of His Love (MOHL), I thought I was starting a blog to encourage others.  However, God has used it to bless me far more than anything I ever could have imagined. The girls from MOHL have become my closest friends, the kind of people you run to when you have a bad day. 
After so many years of having "friends" that thought I was weird for my beliefs, I have a group of girls with whom I can share anything.  Some of them might still think I have issues, but they don't yell at me, tell me I am evil or even send me a link to an article that will show me the error of my ways.  The MOHL girls love me for who I am.  If they see something I need to work on, they tell me about it in a loving manner or simply ask questions that will make me see.
You girls are awesome!

#161. Jessica, the one brave enough to send me an e-mail which started a friendship that was the foundation for MOHL
#162. For Rachel, for being such a godly example of womanhood
#163. For Arianna, Arielle, and Elizabeth. We miss you!  Thanks for the blessings you were in my life
#164. Melinda, who's blog as well as her life are always an encouragement to me.  We are going to miss you!
#165. Rose, my sister, cheerleader, and fellow blogger
#166. Julia, blog designer and always willing to send you a note to make you smile
#167. Rachelle, you may be the newest member of our team but I feel like I have known you a lot longer than a year. You have been a big blessing
#168. World Wide Web, Blogger, and Yahoo, without which we never would have found each other
#169. Our faithful readers
#170. Jesus, whose love has built us into what  we are

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  1. I'm gonna tell my sister you spelled her name wrong. *tattles* LOL, just kidding.

    I am very thankful for you and the other girls, too. Of course most of them came after I left, but it was nice getting to know you, Rachel, Jessica, and Julia :)

  2. your life is also an encouragement to many. may you and the rest of your team MOHL continue to encourage and inspire the girls, through sharing God's Love. :)