Book Review: Putting on a Gentle & Quiet Spirit

11:19 AM

Recommend for; women, girls, quiet time
                                                         From the back cover:
Putting on a Gentle and Quiet Spirit: 1 PeterElizabeth George takes readers through a thought–provoking study of Peter’s teachings on handling trials and persecutions, including: suffering for doing good; understanding the mysteries of God; and fanning the flame of faith. The special “heart response” sections offer readers suggestions to help them apply biblical truths to their lives and focus on the amazing glory God promises.

Sometimes, I like to take a break from doing self-guided bible study and do a prepackaged one.  When I do Elizabeth George is one of my favorites.  This, her study on 1 Peter, was no exception.
What I liked about it:
I loved the style of questions to answer.  I found her thoughts and questions very helpful.  This study wasn’t too long either.  I didn’t get tired of it before it ended.
What I didn’t like about it:
The only thing that I didn’t like about it was sometime I didn’t agree with her interpretation of a verse, but then, I rarely agree with an author 100%.

Over all, I would recommend to any girl or woman wanting a refreshing look at 1 Peter.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your comments on my blog and for linking up on "Sharing Our Bookshelves". I appreciate that!

    I've heard of PaperBackSwap before, and have somewhat looked at it but we've never actually made an account. My family certainly has some extra books that we intend to sell or get rid of, so maybe we'll put a few of these on that site and try to get a book or two... sure would be fun!!!

    While I'm here, I thought I'd mention that this book you reviewed seems interesting. I'm always look always looking for a good Bible study.

    Hope you're having a great week!
    ~ Tarissa