Writing Saturday; B is for Battles

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Ever since I started writing, epic battle scenes have been some of my favorite to write. Whether it is the clashing of swords or the screeching of laser guns, it gives me a thrill to write the battle scenes.

One of that hardest things about battles is that you want to give your readers the big picture as well as show them what your MC (main character) is up to. A good way to do this is to get your MC to a high point so that they can see the big picture.  Like in one of my early books, in which I have my MC on a cliff overlooking the whole battle.

Another thing to remember about battles is that, though there is a reason for the nation/people to be fighting, you need to make sure that your MC has a personal reason for fighting and connect his actions to that.  Was he forced to fight?  Then how does he react when he kills the first enemy?  Is he fighting because a family member was killed?  Then what does he shout as the lines meet?

Here is a sneak peek of the battle in The Destiny of a Galaxy. Enjoy

“Collin! Take out that gun there. Pete where are you? You need to cover Jerry’s tail!” Drew was giving orders furiously.
Maria could see on the screen the laser bolts flying all around them. Drew was truly a skillful pilot. He also seemed to be a good leader However, at the moment, everything seemed to be in complete chaos.
“Drew, a starfighter is trying to launch.”
“Stop it! The last thing we need is company up here. Collin, I think I see another anti-starcraft gun on the other side of the security station, take it out.”

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  1. Great tips, Sar :) I've written fighting scenes, but never a battle. However, in my book that I'm rewriting, there will be a shooting during a hostage situation. Not looking forward to it, I prefer writing humor :p But it's what the book calls for...

  2. This is really good, Sarah. You can *feel* the tension.

    Another thing I like to read/write during battle scenes is what the character is thinking and feeling. I really want to know what they're *not* saying and such.