Writing Saturday (On Sunday); 10 Things to Remember when Writing… Science Fiction

7:04 AM

1.      Remember that the genre is science fiction not fantasy fiction

2.      Go to the NASA and other technology hubs websites to find out what they are working on.  You will get some great ideas on the up-and-coming technology.

3.      Although watching things such as Star Wars and other science fiction movies can be helpful, make sure that your ideas are unique and not a mosaic of great Si-Fi books and movies.

4.      Clothing will be different, what do you think it will look like?

5.      What will people name their children after in the years to come?

6.      What if?  Those two words are the basis for most science fiction.  What if we could reach the far side of our own galaxy?  What if we could travel faster than light?  What if everyone had to leave earth?  What if everyone was forced to wear red?  Yes, the possibilities are endless.

7.      Not everything has to be explained.  If you want to tell you readers that scientists reinvented an atmosphere so people could breathe on a planet, great, but if people are breathing without oxygen tanks and aren't keeling over, most readers will assume that there is a breathable atmosphere.

8.      Warning; writing in this genre increases your risk of spaceship related dreams.

9.      Cause and effect.  Just about everything has its good sides and its bad sides.  Keep this in mind as you write.

10.   Take the time to stare up at the stars; it helps you get into the right mood.

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