A Legislative View; My first few days

9:45 AM

As it turned out, even though my official days to work at the capitol are Mondays and Thursdays, I worked Tuesday through Thursday of this week.  It wasn’t that there was a lot to do (there never is the first few days of a session); it was that there were a lot of things that our office had to get organized.  I am happy to say I’m now set up and ready to go when I go back next Thursday.  The reason I’m not going Monday being that it is MLK day, the only holiday celebrated by the Texas legislature.

The following is a list of things that I have learned in my first few days on the job.

1.      Everything, and I do mean everything, is decided on seniority.  From the offices a Representative gets to the committees he serves on, to the parking place he is given, almost everything is decided on seniority.

2.      Because a freshman has no seniority, they draw for it.

3.      Have trouble finding gentlemen in this world?  Work at the capitol.  It is amazing how many doors I have had opened for me, things carried and all the people willing to help me find directions.   I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that no one wants to risk looking rude to the wrong people.

4.      Politics is one of those professions that seem to attract either the best kind of people or the worst kind.  I’m happy to say that my boss falls into the best kind category.

5.      You have to be willing to ask questions of people if you don’t know the answer.

6.      Enjoy yourself, this can be such a fun job.

That sums up my first week on the job, how was yours?

P.S. My ‘Writing Saturday’ post will appear tomorrow

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