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7:04 AM

A great giveaway ~ Our Gift to our Readers

A very encouraging post by Rachel ~ God’s Plan for Your Year

Do you like art?  God see some of my dad’s amazing work ~ Rick Holman Art

I so want this series of books ~ Then and Now Series 

Want some good reading material? Check out this new magazine coming in April ~ Inspired Magazine 

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  1. Thanks for linking to my post dearie! :) That was sweet of you and I'm glad it blessed you. :)

    Oh, I LOVE the Christian Heroes Then and Now books! :D We have a bunch (you can read some maybe when you come visit?) ;) We don't have all of them...I just looked at the list and I *know* I never read the C.S Lewis one. ;) HeHe! I'll have to ask for that one for my birthday. :)

    Hope you are having a good week of writing! Praying as you start your new job soon! :)
    Love and Hugs!