A Legislative View; First day at the Texas Capitol

8:04 PM

Wow!  What an amazing first day of work.  It was freezing when I arrived at the capitol and had to walk in the wind to get inside. That was the worst part of my day, and that wasn't too bad.

When I reached the office of my representative, the chief-of-staff, a neat guy I worked with on the campaign, was the only one there.  He took me on a tour and showed me some of the places I need to go then took me to pick up my badge.  Badges are funny things; they make you feel so official and important.  I definitely felt like a real employee once I clipped my badge on.

The first day was all fun and smiles.  People were excited to see their legislators sworn in, no battles have started yet, and everything is new and exciting.  I met some great people, started to learn how to navigate through the huge building, and was reminded how blessed I was to work in a place full of history makers.

Tomorrow, I will be returning for staff meetings and to learn more about what I will be doing.   I am excited as well as a little nervous.  I just hope that I will do my boss, and my father in heaven, proud.

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  1. The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to intern for a representative in 2009, so I know a little bit of what you are feeling! I hope everything works well for you and that you enjoy the experience. :-)

  2. Sounds like an interesting and educative experience. And I agree with you about badges - they always make you feel more professional!