Writing Saturday; Touching the Heart

7:07 AM

What makes a book great?  As writers, we spend a lot of time talking about plots, descriptions, word choice, and characters. We spend hours drawing outlines, reworking dialog, and researching for our books, but is that enough to make a really great book?  No, it isn’t.  What makes a book truly great is measured in its ability to touch people’s hearts.

I have read many good books in my day, but the ones that are in my top ten list are not necessarily the ones that had the best plot, greatest dialog, or an extensive vocabulary.  The ones that are my favorites are the ones that touched my heart.  It has been the books with the characters and struggles I identify with that have changed me.  How do we touch people’s hearts with our writing? The answer is simple; write from your heart.

What has been your biggest struggle in life?  Share it in a book, others have had the same struggle and will be touched by your story.  What has been one of the biggest obstacles that you have overcome?  Others are facing that and will be encouraged by your words. In every book you write, leave something of yourself between its pages.  

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