Tips and Tricks for Sewing day

7:00 AM

A sewing day, what fun! A day full of fabric, stitches and creativity. It also can be a day that you feel you can’t afford with the rising prices. Here are some tips for saving money while sewing.

1. Keep your sewing machine(s) clean. You will avoid a lot of issues and keep your sewing machine running longer if it stays clean.

2. Sign up for local craft store newsletters. Many times these will contain coupons, special offers and notices of upcoming sales.
3. Talk to the manager; sometimes they can give you discounts. It never hurts to ask.

4. Look online; sometimes you can find some great deals on everything from a sewing machine to thread.

5. Be willing to settle for less. Yes, the nicer fabrics are … well, nicer, but sometimes just being willing to work with the two dollar a yard stuff is what you have to do.

6. Save buttons off dresses, shirts and anything else and reuse them. This is much cheaper than buying new ones. Sometimes we have even bought clothing from the thrift store just for the buttons.

7. Need a pattern? Look online for free ones, search thrift stores and garage sales, or even try mixing and matching pieces from what you have.

8. Don’t be above buying your fabric from garage sales and thrift shops, we have found some really nice stuff.

9. Ask around. Sometimes people have stuff stashed away that they aren’t going to use anymore that they might be willing to sell or trade you. We have gotten a lot of things by working in exchange for something.

10. Look online for tutorials or patterns BEFORE you look in the store. Only AFTER you have looked and can’t find what you want should you buy a pattern.

11. Never throw away fabric that isn’t torn or stained. You can always cut it into squares and shapes to make quilts or even clothing (or at least doll clothes).

12. Losing pins? Get a magnet and go over the floor around any area you sew in. Many times the magnet will pick up all those lost pins.

13. Don’t rebuy things you already have, even if they are a little worn. Scissors can be re-sharpened, bent cutting boards can be made flat once again and machines that run still work, even if they don’t have any fancy features.

Do you have any great sewing savings tips?

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