Keys to Saving; Settling for less

12:03 PM

This, our first week of A Month of Saving, has been all about keys for success in our quest to save money.  Today’s key for success is one of the hardest lessons for our society to accept; that of setting for less. 
We are constantly bombarded from every side with the notion that we need, are entitled to, or the world will end if we are caught with less than the best.  The right brand named clothes from the right stores.  We have to have nice cars that come with at least some of those cool features.  We need the latest technology.  We can’t just have any broom; we have to have a Swifter ®.

One of the biggest changes in mind set we have to make in order to save money is being willing to settle for less.  Most of the food on my family’s table comes from generic brands.  Yes, some of it doesn’t taste as good as the name brand counterparts, but we cannot afford to be choosy.  Most people could cut their food bills by a third if they were willing just to settle for less.

There are a lot of time saving tools you can buy, fancy brooms, shower cleaning systems that clean at the push of a button, and special remotes so you don’t have to bother with more than one.  All of these are fun, easy, and would be ever so nice to have, but they are not necessities.  You have to be willing to do a little more work and take a little more time in order to save a lot of money.

There are clothing lines out there that are “cool” or “in”.  However, even if they meet all your modesty standards, why not buy your clothes at the local thrift shop?  Or why not organize a clothing exchange at your church.  Have a family that is willing to give you old clothes?  Take them. They may be used, they may not be the “right” kind of clothes, but we will never seriously save any money unless we start settling for less.

So what about you?  Are you willing to start settling for less?

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