Keys to Saving; No pressure

11:55 AM

It happens to the best of us.  We get to the store and there it is!  A deal that is too good to pass up, and it is for a limited time only.  So we buy it, blow the budget, and at the end of the month we wonder where all the money has gone.

One of the hardest lessons that any money-saving person has to learn is not to let yourself be pressured into buying something by some sales person, or by the thought that it is a good deal that is about to go away.  Allowing yourself to be pressured into buy something will cost you a lot of money.  Here are some tips and tricks that we have learned.

1.       If you feel pressured because it is a limited time offer, take a few minutes and ask yourself: Do I need it? Where would I put it? Would I really use it?  If you have answered all these questions and are still going to buy it, look around for a comparable item that costs less (look on the sales isle, in the discount store, or generic brand options).

2.       When at a store where a sales person is trying to sell you items; take a few minutes away from the sales person to really think about your purchases.  Make sure that you are not being pressured to buy things you don’t need or want.
3.      If you really have a hard time giving in to pressure, take a friend or family member along to help you not cave.

4.      Go shopping one day, but don’t buy anything.  Make your decisions at home and head out the next day prepared.

5.      Like learning to play the piano or riding a bike without trailing wheels, practice makes perfect.  You may fail a few times while learning these hard lessons, but keep on trying.

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