Beloved by Rachel Starr Thomson: A Review

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Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for mild romance, violence, and intensity
Best for Ages: 13 and up

This is one of those stories that takes some time to recover from because they are so powerful. My heart was aching, and I felt so happy at the end of the book. I felt like crying because it was just that powerful. The left me so satisfied and aching that all other books seemed pale for a little bit afterward.

Thomson’s style is one of my favorites. It is lyrical, beautiful, and pulls me in quickly. I’ve read her Seventh World Trilogy, but I must say I enjoyed this setting better. It is classified as Biblical fantasy which I think is perfect. It has the feel of a Biblical story, yet wasn’t trying to parallel a certain one. It feels like a story out of the book of kings, without trying so hard that it feels like sacrilege.

The book is such a tangle of human motives, emotions, and choices. There were characters that I hadn’t liked that ended up surprising me with their virtue. There were characters that I loved at first that made poor, costly choices: In short, the characters felt real. They weren’t flat, making the expected choices; they were people who made unexpected ones.

As the climax drew close, the spiritual elements were vivid. Yet, Thomason still didn’t rush in to tell you what you needed to get out of it. The story spoke for itself in such a way that I think different readers will get different things out of it, but will all be moved.

I highly recommend this trilogy for those who like powerful stories, lyrical writing, and happy endings.

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