I went to Branson

11:12 AM

Get your copy of Kate's Conundrum

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  1. This was fun! Thanks for sharing! :) I'm so glad y'all had an amazing time in Branson! I got to meet Mary briefly at Realm Makers--she's so nice! So glad you're feeling rested and excited about your projects. I hope everything will go well for you as you get back into all of that! <3 And I'm SO excited about Kate's Conundrum!! :D

  2. I just had a vacation like that where I set aside all writing, publishing, marketing, and such, and just relaxed and enjoyed the week. It's amazing what a week off can do when you are busy.
    You're trip probably took you within about 15 minutes of where I live, so, if you ever head to Branson again, maybe we can meet! :)
    Yay! The next Kate book is out! I had either missed or forgotten the publishing date. Now I need to get an Amazon gift card I was saving and get it. :)