Putting G&G into the Queue

8:00 AM

As I said in my last post, if I started in on every new idea that came into my head, I would never finish a project. So, when an idea hits me hard enough that I know I have to write a story, I place it in the writing queue. What is this writing queue you ask? It is my way of keeping track of where I need to be and what is up next. It is the lineup of books for both editing and writing.

What to know something odd? I don’t think I have written it down very often. Part of that is because it changes often. However, If you ask me at any given point, I can tell you what is next for instance, here is what my writing queue looks like right now.

Current project: The ADRN Book
Kate #3
Finishing F&F
Kate #4
Kate #5
Kate # 6
The list can go on and on, but I will end it there for now. My editing queue is also lined up in my brain very clearly.

Current project: There was Always Laughter in our House
Escape and Endurance
The ADRN book
A Different Kind of Purpose
Kate #3

And so it goes on, not only queueing written projects, but ones still yet to be written. Of course, I like to give projects names for the queue. As you can see, there is a shocking lack of titled books. The Kate series seems to be one of those that a title doesn’t come until it is written. However, I’m excited to unveil the working title for G&G to you.

Guilt and Grace

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  1. So incredibly excited for SO MANY of these! :D I love getting a peek at your writing process, so I love that you have a queue for your writing-next and editing-next! I like the title too! :D Blessings as you work on these! I hope they all go well! <3