How not to Write in a Story

6:00 AM

So, I have this new plot, Guilt and Grace, that is pulling at me. When I have an idea fresh on my mind, often the first thing I want to do is drop everything and work on it. After all, it is new and exciting. Often what I am working on is fun, but not as exciting if I have been working on it for a while. So, how do I cope with the desire to drop everything and write on the new story? Here are a few of the things I do.

Write about one-thousand words in the story. I actually did this for Guilt and Grace. Allowing myself to write some in the story helps with the initial urge, and often allows me to move on.

Jot down the ideas that come to me, even if it is in the middle of something else. Some of the best inspiration comes when I am least expecting it. I am using my WriteMind Planner to keep all my notes for this story and keep it on hand as I’m working. I jot it down and then return my focus to my work.

I try to remember what sparked my interest on my current project. Sometimes, in the midst of editing or writing one of the duller parts of a story, it is easy to forget why I wanted to write it. Remembering what sparked my excitement for it helps me to be distracted from the pull for a new story.

Just having deadlines for myself is a motivator. Sure, I want to work on this new story but I don’t want to fall further behind on the projects I already have.

What do you do when something pulls your attention away from the task at hand?

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