10 Reasons Dreams and Devotions has been hard to edit

7:15 PM

So, I am very, very behind on the schedule. Projects are not going as they should. A large part of it is because if Dreams and Devotion. So some of you may be wondering why this project is so hard for me.

1. It is personal. I put some very real emotion into this story as well as some elements from my life. When I see the story, I don’t just see the words I wrote, I see the real life events they were based on.

2. It is emotional. I put so many of my own emotions in this book that as I am editing, I am also reliving some of those feelings. The funny thing is that Dara and Dresden both are me in so many ways. However, Dresden reacts more like I do.

3. It shows strained family relationships. I adore writing about families that love each other. I love writing about supportive and loving parents and siblings who like each other. In this book, I am writing about a family that is solid, but has some major issues. That is hard for me.

4. I see reflections of my current life. There are things that I am struggling with now that I wasn’t when I wrote this book. Now, a year later, I am, and the emotions are raw. It is a little freaky to realize that a book I wrote a year ago contains things that were theory then, but reality now.

5. I am going through a time of family change. My brother is about to start working night shift as a nurse. I see some other large changes on the horizon for my family. They are all good, but that still creates emotion. As this story is about a family that is changing, it hits close to home.

6. Life is crazy. We are building a room onto our house for a dear friend of ours. She needed a place and we were happy to welcome her to our home. However, this means were are in the middle of a construction zone, not the most peaceful place to work.

7.  People need me. While I always have this idea that I will be able to write five days a week between 9 and 6 without being interrupted, it never works that way. One of the reasons that I love living at home, is that I can be there for my family and others who need me. However, at times, it does seem to slow down the writing process.

8. I have been sick. First a bad flu and then struggles with allergies. Not as easy to work when that sort of thing is going on.

9. Rewriting. Did I mention I am having to rewrite a bunch of stuff? Yes, this novel was a mess. I always go with the idea that you can write horribly as long as you edit brilliantly.

10. Spiritual warfare is happening. I truly believe that some of my books will have a greater impact than others. This is one of those books that I think will have a greater impact and therefore, needs a lot more prayer.

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  1. To me, it sounds like this book is going to be a beautiful one wrought with true emotion, and in all likelihood it's going to wield a powerful message. I know you're probably going through a rough patch with it -- but it's gonna be worth it, Sarah!