Interview, Giveaway, and Review with Perry Kirkpatrick

12:38 PM

Today, I would like you to meet Perry Kirkpatrick, fellow Homeschool Author. She is here to talk about her newest book. See my review in the video below.

Perry, thank you for stopping by. Tell my readers a little bit about yourself.
Thanks for hosting the last stop on my blog tour, Sarah! I'm a 22-year-old homeschool graduate, wife to my best friend Tyler, mother of two little boys, self-published author of four books, and freelance book designer.

What inspired The Case of the Tabloid Tattler?
A bored mind. Literally. My brain was feeling all restless so I started randomly writing the beginning of a story. One idea followed another, and pretty soon I actually did have a story on my hands!

Do you know when Mia will solve her next case?
Mia is currently working on her next case; it's something to do with a missing dog, oddly enough. I'll be sharing updates on her progress on my blog.

My review

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  1. Thank you for test reading, hosting me here, and sharing such a totally sweet review, Sarah!