A Better Blogger

9:33 AM

These past few week have been really crazy, and one of the things I have let slide is blogging.  I found, to my surprise, that I have really been missing it.  With the rise of social media, blogging is beginning to fade and I think that is sad.  Although I am a user of social media, I am finding that I learn so much more about people through their blogs.

I will never be a perfect blogger, posting every day on deep things.  But I would like to be a better blogger.  I would like to be a blogger that has a blog that people like to sit and not only read, but interact on and become my friends.  I know I have some of that, but I would like to get even better.

Well, I’m off to work on my book (The Destiny of a Few is coming out next week and there is so much to do).  What do you plan to do today?

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  1. I'm hoping to work on some crafty projects and clean a little.
    Just so you know, blogging may be a fading thing, but I always enjoy reading your blog posts. :D

  2. Hi sarah, I'm planning to watch movies and work on designing our bulletin board on church. just like you i wanna be a better blogger too. reading your blog and other friend's blog inspires me to be better. I'm looking forward to your book "the destiny of few". God bless. :)