I'm busy but here is a post

8:03 AM

As some of you may know, I am involved in some campaigning work for the local Republican races. If you are a Democrat or an active member of any other party, don’t leave just yet. I may not agree with you on a number of political issues, but we probably have other things in common that are more important than any party affiliation and I respect your right to hold a different opinion. Anyway, it seems I have committed to working a bunch at the Republican headquarters from now to Election Day so posts maybe rather spotty over the next two weeks and then there should be no political posts for at least two years.

Now, for the writer’s tip of the week; In order to be a good writer, you need to learn to from good published authors. To that end, I have a link for you to look into. Where the Map Ends, is a web site created by Jeff Gerky, who is a published author. As you will quickly see, he loves the fantasy and science fiction genres. He has a section of tips for writers that I have found very helpful. If you have any great websites for writers, just leave a comment.

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