Sunday is on its Way

7:34 AM

Today is Saturday and my graduation party! However, I wanted to talk a little bit about tomorrow. As I am sure most of you are aware of, tomorrow is Sunday, a special day of the week that we give to God. My parents have worked hard to make Sunday both fun and God honoring. They have always looked for ways to make Sunday set apart from the other days so that we can focus on God.

To that end we have some things that we do and don’t do at our house. One of the things that we do not do, is turn on the T.V. or our computers. We did this so that we be forced (in a good way) to spend time together as a family doing something that builds our relationship with one another.

We often can be found on Sundays spending time taking of reading in the living room together or playing a big board game together. It is a nice break for all of us and for me, it has been important not to have the temptation of getting on the computer and getting a lot of work done.

I hope that you Sunday is a restful one and one the builds your family. See you on Monday!

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