Be Still

8:19 AM

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10

Being still is one of the things that many of us have trouble doing. We find we have too many things to do, too many chores to complete, too much school that needs to get done just to be able to be still. I am sure that you have heard many sermons on the subject, and probably your own parents have talked to you about it, but today I would like to tell you the value I have found in being still and knowing He is God.

When I feel agitated with the world, one of the best things that I can do is to go out side, or find some place I can be alone and then remain silent. There, without music, voices, or another distraction, I can really listen. Often I will find what is causing me to be agitated and, unfortunately, it is almost always my problem, not my sibling or someone else I could easily shove the blame on.

One of the other benefits of being still and thinking about God is that you will know that he is God and that He is in control of the situation. For me, there is nothing like that reminder to get me back on track. When you know Who is the boss and in control of all the small things that are frustrating you, when you know you are under His control and that all of it will work out for your good, it is hard to keep complaining.

So, if today you find yourself getting frustrated with those around you, take the time to be still and know that He is God.

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