The Power of Books (and other media)

9:23 AM

Books are an amazing thing. There is no better way for me to go though battles, serious illnesses, plague, famine, and all that kind of stuff and come out safe and sound then though the pages of a book. You see, I get caught up in to books and I become the main character. There is no other medium that quite captures my imagination and moves me like a book does. That is part of the reason why I love to write. The written word is powerful to me and helps me to see and hear in a way that no movie ever could.

My sister Rose on the other hand is the opposite, she could read the saddest book in the world I think and not shed a tear. Set her in front of a movie that is in the least way sad though and she will cry though the whole thing.

We are all respond to different forms of media differently and we need to be aware of that. I have to be extra careful about what a read because it paints pictures in my mind that once there I can not erase. Movies, though I am very careful about what I allow myself to watch, I can handle more strange creators, violence, and sadness in movies then I can in books. This doesn’t mean I should watch things just because I am able to handle it, it is just a fact.

What about you? Between books and movies, which are more powerful to you?

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