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On this page you will find:
  • Author mentorship information
  • Recommendations for editors, cover designers, and illustrators
  • Author products I love

This mentorship is to help you develop your talents as a writer. As such, no two mentorships are alike. They are tailored to fit you! You and I will use some of your writing and going over it repeatedly to improve it but as we do, you won’t just be told how to change it, but how to see things for yourself. This isn’t about editing your story, this is about learning new skills and improving how your craft. Email me at to schedule your free evaluation or for gift certificates.

All plans include:

~ Evaluation before the official start to assess your goals.

~ Weekly, half-hour video sessions.

~ Follow up email after each video with assignments and other information

~ Encouragement to keep writing


Start Here: Evaluation ~ 15-minute video evaluation is free (This includes one chapter/2,000 words of novel review). In this evaluation, we will discuss your goals, assess if I will be able to help and make sure that we're a good fit for each other.

Traveler: One month ~ $35 for four weeks. Four video sessions, 10,000 words of work critique, and includes lessons in one (1) Advanced Skills as part of the weekly video sessions. One free rescheduled week due to illness or a family emergency.

Adventurer: Three months ~ $90 for 12 weeks. 12 weekly sessions, 50,000 words of work critique, and includes two (2) Advanced Skills basis as part of the weekly video sessions. One bonus meeting to focus on one of your chosen Advanced Skills. Two free rescheduled weeks if needed.

Custom packages are available ~ Cost will depend on what’s included.


Additional 10,000 words of work critique ~ $10

Advanced Skills one-on-one session ~ $25 for one-hour session to help you get started on advanced skills. Also, keep watching for classes on Advanced Skills.


Advanced Skills Options:

~ Kindle formatting (using Microsoft Word)

~ Audiobook creation (using ACX)

~ How to focus and complete work

~ Historical research

~ Understanding POV

~ Social media basics 

~ Creating a brand

~ Dealing with negative feedback/reviews

~ Publishing basics (new indie authors)

~ Multi-author projects


The fine print:

This is to help improve writing skills. This is not a marketing mentorship.

All mentorship is faith-based. Sarah's Christain faith is the center of her life and advice and standards will be derived from that faith

This is not an editing service. This is for story development and story improvement. For editing, I highly recommend Kelsey Bryant.

Payment is due 3 days before the first mentorship meeting, but after evaluation, there are no refunds.

All payments are to be made through Pay-Pal

Each plan comes with a limited amount of rescheduling for free. If requests to reschedule exceed that amount, there’s a rescheduling fee of $5 per session.

If there is a family emergency or serious illness, at the degression of the mentor, that will prevent the author from continuing, it is possible to pause the lessons until a future date. This is not a refund, this is a grace period for which because of extreme circumstances, the author is allowed to pause lessons without a rescheduling fee. 

If Sarah needs to reschedule, this will not count against your reschedule budget. If Sarah has to reschedule more than one of your sessions on traveler level or two on the adventurer level, she will offer $10 credit on future services or 10,000 additional words critiqued.

Sarah reserves the right to refuse service without explanation. 

People and products I recommend:


Kelsey Bryant. I've used Kelsey for all my books published over the last four years. As I have money, she's cleaning up my older books. She really is the best

Abigayle Claire. Is a talented editor that I also can recommend.

Cover Designers:

Jessica Greyson. Jessica is a dear friend and I just love her designs. She has made my covers for the A Very Bookish holiday collections, Molly and Anna, The Tales of Taelis series, and A Different Kind of Courage.

Perry Elizabeth. Perry is a talented designer who has made all my Kate's Case Files covers as well as Fanny's Hope Chest.

Rachel Rossano. While I haven't used Rachel, I love her work and can recommend her. 


(coming soon)


Microsoft Office is a must in my way of thinking. I use it daily as a writer

The WriteMind planner has helped me so, so much. I highly recommend it.