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The last day of Five Fall Favorites is always sad. I mean, it's always such a cool event and it's sad when it comes to an end. However, we get to find out soon who is going to win the big giveaway and I think we all came away with a lot of new books on our to-read list. If you want to keep up with me as a writer, make sure you join my newsletter and follow me on Goodreads, Instagram or Facebook.

Today, the last day of the party, I get to share with you five books from this year that I've loved. This was a hard list to make because it has been a really awesome reading year. I had a hard time narrowing it down. But here are the five I picked.

Andrew Murray's book Absolute Surrender has long been one of the top non-fiction books I recommend to others. I finally got to reading another one of his books and one that had been on my to-read list for a while: Humility. This is a tiny book, but it's packed with so much truth that is both convicting and healing. I love how Murray could cover a subject so well with so few words.

Confession: I read exactly one book on marriage before I got married. Odd and perhaps a bit reckless. However, every time someone gave me a recommendation, they usually ended up explaining why it was a good book to the point that I was pretty sure the book wasn't something I wanted to read. However, when I read my friend Rachelle's review of Cherish, I thought this book might be different.
I can honestly say that I adore this book and highly recommend it for any married couple or even for someone looking toward marriage. This isn't a how-to manual. This book just talks about cherishing the spouse you have. 

One might wonder why I'm reading books about singleness when I'm married. There are two reasons. First, I still have a passion for singles and I want to keep finding resources for them. Second, I think singleness and singles have a lot they can teach me about dependence on God. That is why this book blew me away. Actually, I find it sad that this was marketed for singles because the powerful message Thornton put in this book is applicable to every Christian woman. Do yourself a favor and go read this book.
You know when you find an author that speaks to your soul and you just gobble up everything they've written? That's been me with Joanna Davidson Politano this year. I read her first book and then got my hands on each of her books as fast as I could. The Love Note I think is my favorite book because it shows how words on a page affect people differently and how much power they have. 
This book was Politano's first novel and it was the first one I read. Wow! It reminded me of Dickens in parts, with mystery and odd characters and debtors' prison. It reminded me a little of Jane Austen in the manners and the strong female lead that was still so in keeping with the time. Mostly, it made me realize that Politano was an author I would adore and was on my favorites list. 

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  1. These are all on my TBR and they sound SOO good—thanks for the recommendations, Sarah!

  2. Thank you so much for joining this year, Sarah! It's been amazing having you. ๐Ÿงก