Fall in Love: Five Fall Favorites

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Ah, romance. I always enjoy a well-done romance, but at times it's hard to find romances that I really, really like. However, I have found several I like. Today, I will share five romances that stand out to me.

I discovered Jane Austen's novels at age fifteen and thought they were the best thing. I started with Pride and Prejudice. While that remains my favorite book, the romance in Emma was more endearing to me. In my ideal world, I would have grown up with the man I would eventually marry like Emma did. As it was, I knew my husband for six years before we were in a relationship, so it was almost as good. I love how Mr. Knightly loves Emma through everything. It takes Emma a while to realize she loves him, but when she does...*happy sigh*
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I love Sarah Sundin's books, but this is my favorite of hers. The two main characters have a lot to learn, one about friendship and the other about leadership. They write to each other encouraging each other to keep up the good work and giving advice. I love how they fall in love through the letters, without knowing what the other looks like. 
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One of the best things about Wings of a Dream by Anne Mateer is that it isn't primarily a romance book. It's about a girl discovering herself at the end of World War I and along the way she finds love. This story is compelling and so satisfying. Now I want to go curl up with a mug of hot cider and reread it!

I grew up hearing my dad read Grace Livingston Hill books to my mom many evenings. This is just about my favorite romance she wrote. The book follows two siblings as they find love, but I loved the sweetness of McRae's love story. It's a nostalgic read that is perfect for fall weather.
This last book is perhaps the oddest for me. This book starts out with the two main characters not liking each other at all, a ploy I usually hate. Yet, in this biblical fiction book, it works out to show how God's grace and mercy can be extended to heal wounds and change lives. I love how the romance turned out in this book, especially how I felt it reflected the heart of God.
I don't have a proper review written, but I would say this one has some darker elements that make it best for ages 15 or over.

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  1. Ahh, these are all on my tbr… great list, Sarah!! And I love your post titles by the way :)

  2. Sarah Sundin! She's such a good author and one of my all time favorite authors ever!

  3. I'd never heard of With Every Letter, but it sounds interesting. Romances through letters are always fun. :) -H

    1. Yes, I'm always looking for stories told through letters.

  4. I love your recs and the heart behind them. 🧡 And your pictures are so aesthetic and cute. ;)

  5. I love Grace Livingston Hill and am always so happy when I discover someone else does, too! I wish she were more widely known because her spiritual messages are so strong and heroines so admirable and inspiring.