G is for Goodness

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Being good is out of favor at the moment. I mean, I can understand why no one wants characters that are so perfect it makes you roll your eyes. But have you noticed how often we focus on the faults of others and in book characters instead of what makes them good? Well, I love looking for the good in people and in book characters. So today, I'm going to share my favorite characteristic of some of the characters from the Tales of Taelis series.

Adventures and Adversities

Alditha ~ Her devotion to God, even when she doesn't have answers

William ~ His gentleness toward others even in the face of hardship

Brothers and Betrayal

John ~ His calm courage in the face of opositon

Brianna ~ Her choice to do what is right and treat others right even when people around her are failing to do that

Bryon ~ His love for his siblings

Courage and Corruption 

Christopher ~ His willingness, in the end, to mature when it means doing what is hard

Catherine ~ Her willingness, in the end, to forgive and help her siblings succeed. 

Dreams and Devotion

Dara ~ Her devotion to her family and friends

Dresden ~ His devotion to God

Escape and Endurance

Andrew ~ His passion

Edna ~ Her humility

Philip ~ His ability to see clearly what is really going on

What do you love about your favorite characters?

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