D is for Devotion

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I remember sitting down to write Dreams and Devotion, knowing I would be spilling more of my heart onto the page than I had in a while. God had been teaching me and dealing with me in some areas of my life I was struggling to surrender to Him. Writing this book, was a journey for my own heart. I delved into the heart of what I was struggling with:

~ How do you truly forgive someone you should have been able to count on who wounds you?

~ What if the guy you like never sees you as anything more than a friend?

~ How do you stay devoted to God when your dreams for the future seem to be slipping away?

As I wrote the book, I not only spilled my heart across the page and cried tears, I also learned a lot. There was something about creating Dara and Dresden, two siblings facing their dreams not being exactly what they hoped, that helped me to see my own life clearly.

Isn't that what the best stories do? They help give us some perspective on our own lives and turn us toward Jesus.

What story has done that for you?

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