F is for Future

3:00 AM


It's been a while since anything has really happened with the Taelis series, hasn't it? One might wonder if I plan to leave the series at Escape and Endurance. But that isn't the case. 

While Scott has been a huge supporter of all my work, the Taelis series has been his favorite. He asked me when I thought I would write more in it and I told him there was actually the beginning of two more books written. He read the start of both of the books, one about Princess Fabia and the other about Princess Gail. He liked them.

Right now, I'm trying to finish the Kate's Case Files series, as that one is currently on a cliffhanger and the next few books are tied closely together. However, my hope is that soon, to get back to writing in this series that is so close to my heart. 

But I do have one fun development for you to know today. Keep your eyes open because a new short story in the Tales of Taelis series is going to be released this month! Keep watching here for the surprise release day!

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