E is for Endurance

3:00 AM


Identity. We spend a lot of time in our younger years trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up. We try different hobbies to figure out which we adore. We experiment the styles of clothing until we find what is us. Even when we get older, we still spend time searching for what is "us".

Escape and Endurance is a story about worth and identity.  Edna doesn't feel like she is worth anything and Andrew knows he is worth a lot. Through the story (which includes a princess in a tower) they both learn about finding their identity and worth in Christ. 

I really had fun with many aspects of the story. I loved putting a new spin on the princess-in-a-tower idea, as well as having a knight out to rescue a princess. It had so many classic medieval fiction feels. Yet, I got to put my own spin on them and make them feel believable and real, not cheesy. 

Have you ever read a Princess in a tower story?

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  1. My favourite book about our identity … I think it’s Kellyn Roth’s Chronicles of Alice & Ivy series! They’re just so good.