Writing Saturday: M is for Maggie

1:04 PM

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Age: Middle-aged Woman

Occupation: Head cook at the Kings castle

Best friends: Captain Harold

Greatest joy: Seeing Captain Harold from time to time

A piece of his tale: “Maggie? Maggie? Are you there?” the captain called, banging on the door. He then stepped to the side.
“Who’s hollering my name loud enough to be heard clear to the sea?” The strong female voiced called back. A moment later, a large woman filled the doorway, wiping her hands on a rag. Her faded indigo dress, as well as her chubby cheeks, was dusted with flour. Her long head-covering fully cover her hair, and was draped in a semi-circle in the front.
Maggie regarded Alditha severely. “Who might you be? Did you see the rogue that was hollering for me?”
“Is that the way to treat the girl I have brought to help you?” Captain Harold stepped into her view.
Maggie's mouth dropped open. The rag she had been holding fluttered to the ground, and her hand went to her heart. “Harold? I mean Captain, what a surprise! I didn’t expect you for another week.”
Captain Harold shrugged. “I made good time. I hope you have something for a hungry soldier to eat. I have been dreaming of your bread for weeks.”
The color rose in Maggie’s cheeks. “Then bread you shall have.”

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