Writing Saturday: A Bit of Inspiration #9

1:00 AM

Movies have often sparked the ideas that turned into my books.

My first book (which has not been published) was inspired by Robin Hood

My first published work was inspired by Star Wars

And my current WIP (work in progress) was inspired by Sue Thomas FB-Eye, and Scarecrow and Mrs. King

What movies have inspired you?

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  1. A friend and me co-wrote a novel that was inspired by Robin Hood. It has Robin Hood characters in it, but, if I were to describe it, it'a a Robin Hood story for ladies. It's really just a "fun story." A "no pressure, let your imagination run, have fun with your friend" tale.

    Planning to to read your "Star Wars" inspired book.

  2. The movies that got me writing were The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the new version of The Chronicles of Narnia, though both in a somewhat indirect way.

    Oh, and I just glanced at your book descriptions on the sidebar, and thought I would point out that you have a "boulder" Maria in the description for few. Do you mean "bolder?" because the mental image ...

  3. Grace ~ ooo, I love Robin Hood books

    Kendra ~ Thanks for letting me know. I changed it ;)