Multitudes on Mondays; History

8:40 AM

I love history.  Few things give me as much pleasure as studying the unfolding of God's plan for the world. So today, I am thankful for...
#121.  For history book that take me to other times and places

#122. The great men and women who lived and died for their faith

#123. That when things seemed darkest, Gods light shown brightest 

#124. For authors of historical fiction; you guys are the best

#125. For the early church, may we never forget them

#126. For the Middle Ages, it never stop inspiring me

#127.  That I can find out about any time period I want

#128. For those who chronicled our past

#129. For the One who holds the future

#130. That it is HIS-story unfolding

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  1. I LOVE history too! :) We have so much to be thankful for in being able to look back on history... and for God's perfect orchestration of all of it! He holds the plans of the nations... and it's beautiful to see his working, even in the midst of horrible situations.