Multitudes on Mondays; The Bible

10:34 AM

I just finished reading a book called The Everlasting Flame (review coming tomorrow).  It was a fiction story that showcased the reformers and their dangerous mission to get the Bible translated into the common language.  It made me want to read and memorize more scripture.  It is good to be reminded sometimes of what a privilege it is to be able to read the scriptures. So today I am thankful for…

#111. My choices in Bible reading.  I can pick a version that speaks to me
#112. For all of those that gave their lives so that I could read the words of God
#113. That I can share the scriptures with anyone without fear of being thrown in jail
#114. For the friends that encourage, bless, and rebuke me with words from the Bible
#115. For the Heavenly Father who breathed the scriptures for us
#116. That Christ speakers to my heart as well as through the Bible
#117. For the church of God, what a blessing it has been to me
#118. That one day, I will live with God forever
#119. That God is with us always, though the good times and the bad
#120. For Tyndale; may his work and sacrifice never be forgotten

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