Book Review; The Everlasting Flame

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The Everlasting Flame by Linda Chaikin

The Everlasting Flame: A Tale of Undying Love for Each Other and God's Word in a Dangerous Time

"Courage, conviction, adventure, and romance fill every page of this exciting historical novel. Set in the early days of the Protestant Reformation, this powerful book portrays two people in love with each other and with the Word of God."

I love Linda Chaikin!  I discovered her last year while reading her Heart of India trilogy, and she is one of my new favorite authors.  I was given about six of her books for Christmas and they are high up on my reading list.  The Everlasting Flame was one of the ones I was given and was high on the list.

I was very young when I read my first biography on William Tyndale and was inspired. I read everything I could get my hands on about this man who was willing to risk everything to get the scriptures into the language and vernacular of the common people.  In fact 90% of the 1611 King James Bible is Tyndale’s work.

Linda did her research on this book.  However, at times she gets a little carried away with her research and forgets the reason everyone is reading her book, Justin.  There are two or three chapters throughout the book where she focuses completely on Tyndale and nothing is said of the hero.  Also, in order to be historically accurate, there are times where she skips a year or two.  Some of these transitions are better than others.
What I loved about this book? It makes you want to read your bible out of sheer joy that you have it.  It renewed my interest in the reformers and all their work.  I also loved the character of Justin.  He was passionate, good with a sword as well as a pen.

As for the romance, there was some but it was not the focus of the book.  If I remember correctly, they don’t even kiss until they are married.  The focus of this book was truly the amazing power of God’s word, not the power of love.

If you want to be inspired by the work of the reformers, if you want to be amazed at the privilege of having scripture in English, or if you just want a wonderful historical tale, this book is for you.

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