I’m having so much fun!

8:10 AM

My two nieces are here for the week, and we are having so much fun! We are all kept busy helping them on the zip line, giving them rides on the horse, taking them for walks in the woods, and all the other things that they can do in the country that they can’t do at their house.

They are both so polite and sweet that we wish could keep them forever, but their mother (my sister) wants them back soon. Oh well, I will just have to enjoy them while they are here.

On the farming side of life we have separated the milk goat from her baby, and she gave about a quart of milk this morning! Now we can really start to make things from it, like goat’s milk cheese and soap. I will tell you more about those two things later. 'Til tomorrow, have a great day.

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  1. Sounds like fun Sarah! I tried a zip line when I was about 12 I think...It was fun but scary!...I don't like heights! =;) I hope you continue to enjoy your time with your nieces! =:D