Free Downloads

9:17 AM

I wanted to tell you all about a free resource that I have really enjoyed. One favorite radio pastors is Alistair Begg of Truth for Life. If you go to this web site, there is a button for free downloads. There are almost one hundred sermons available to download for free! My favorite one is True Servants. Do you know of any great free stuff?

Have a great day!

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  1. Wow! That's great Sarah! I will have to check it out...I like listening to our pastor's sermons online. It's better to listen to them than watch TV or something when I am working on crafts! =;D

    Our pastor has been going through the book of John and his sermons have been excellent and so convicting! Here is the link to the sermons is anyone is interested!
    You can also find ones on Revelation which were great!