God is Good

9:42 AM

Yesterday, our air conditioner stopped working and it was supposed to get up to 106. God in his goodness had provided a window unit only the week before so we were able to cool one room down and stay cool. Isn’t our God amazing? Every good and perfect gift comes from him.

If that wasn’t a big enough blessing, yesterday evening a neighbor came by and was able to fix our air conditioner!! God is good.

You know, this has made me think about all the little things that God does for me each and every day. The things that most of the time, I don’t even notice, like a gentle breeze, good heath, an encouraging verse, a nice dream, a bird right out my window in the morning, and the thousands of everyday blessings that I often miss. What has God done for you today?

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  1. hi! my name is ann, i'm also a Christian, and i'm glad i found your blog! this was a great post! GOD IS GOOD!!! [=

  2. It was 102 degrees in my town yesterday. So, I know the importance of an air conditioner. That's awesome how God provided for your family in the heat!
    Thank you for making me stop and think about the things God has blessed me with lately.

  3. Well, I have had a complaining spirit lately that I have been too busy (when really, it's not that much!) but He blessed me anyway and een though I had lot's to get done today, He helped me to complete my work early and even get in some time to work on some crocheting and get some reading done! He is also continuing to bless our family's finance situation (very low income) and continuing to give my dad a job in these hard times (even though men at his woek are getting laid off). That is especially a blessings as my dad has been laid off/out of work a lot in the past few years. We are thankful every time he has a job to provide for us! =:D