God is in control

3:00 PM

As early voting starts, and we all began the nail biting wait to see who wins the election, I want us all (that includes me) to take a deep breath and remember who is really in charge.

We live in a place where it is nearly impossible for any one person to destroy our country, but even if somehow someone managed destroy the government, it would be okay. Our ultimate citizenship doesn’t lie in America, it lies in Heaven. I find myself many times these days, fretting over who will win and what will happen to the country that I love, but I need to remember that whatever happens, it is the absolute best thing that could happen because God is in control.

I understand that if certain people win, that they will do things that I don’t like and do things that God doesn’t like. Remember Joseph of the Bible? What his brothers and other men meant for evil, God used for good. Let us not forget who is in control and who we belong to.

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  1. A very good reminder! I'm not really "into" politics but even so everywhere you go, there is election hype, and people worrying and fretting about who will win. The fact is that the person who wins is the one God wants to win - and we need to trust Him with that.