Caring Part 2

7:34 AM

Yesterday, I talked about how we should make sure that we are always making time for people and showing them that we care. Today, I would like to give you a few ideas on how to do that.

One of the things that all of us, including me, tend to do is to stay in our circle of friends and not reach out to new people. One of the things that I work hard to do and personally know help people to know that someone cares is introducing yourself. When we began to look for a new church, and visited what seemed like hundreds of churches, I often felt unnoticed because no one came up and introduced themselves or even tried to talk to me. This is why if you came to my church and were anywhere close to my age I would walk up to and introduce myself to you (or at least I would try to) to let you know that you were noticed.

Another thing that we can do to show people that we care is to make sure that others are allowed into our circle of conversation. The simple act of making room for a person in the circle of your conversation, maybe even asking them their opinion on the topic, shows a person that someone cars what they think and feel and that they are wanted.

Yet another way to show someone you care is to know their name. I still remember when our former church had a work day and one of the kids that were in my Sunday school class was there and said “Hi Sarah” and it made my day. Just the simple act of knowing a persons name can mean the world to them.

The last thing I want to discuss is just having time in you schedule for people. Not just people in your Co-Op and old friends but time for the people who are knew and need to know you care. The thing that totally changed my attitude toward church was that families took of their time to get to know us and bless us. Time is the ultimate expression of love for others. My we all learn to love and care more and more for those around us.

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