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Welcome to my blog! Every Saturday, I try to post something on writing, such as the things I have learned, my writing adventure, and tips and tricks of the trade. Today I want to talk about something I have learned in writing novels; making your main character a worthy person.

One of the reasons that I started and continue to write is that though I love top read fiction books, there are very few out there that I enjoy. I cannot tell you how many Christian novels I have stared and then set aside in disgust as the story unfolds and the main character, supposedly a Christian, is doing things and getting themselves into situations that are less then godly. I understand that sometimes that the author just is trying to keep people on the edge of their seats or trying to show how Christians can get themselves out of bad situations but it gets tiring.

When I pick up a book, marketed to Christians, I always hope to open it and find characters that have godly character. I want the woman to love being woman and not always wishing they could be men or acting as if there was not difference between the two. I want the men to be strong and have opinions and woman that are respectful not strong willed and rebellious. When I open a book, I wonder if I dare hope that the characters in it will be God honoring in all they do and be willing to do what is right even when it costs them but over and over again I am disappointed.

I want to challenge all of you who are writers or thinking about writing to have high standard for your writing. That all you write would give glory and honor to God and if you ever write a novel, think about how you characters act. I personally like all my characters to be a little better than I am so that they encourage me to higher and better things.

I took longer to write this out then I had intended but I hope that it was encouraging to you. If you have any thought on the subject I would be happy to hear from you. Just leave a comment.

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  1. I completely understand having a hard time finding books you like. I have a high standard for books I read. No magic. No romance. (Unless it is strictly godly. as in, no kissing or holding hands, but a story about someone's courtship and their journey towards marriage.) I don't read any novel's because of the romance problem. I also don't read any mystery books. Basically, as you can see, I'm not left with much to read. My favorite books are "Before you meet Prince charming" By: Sarah Malley. This is a book on single years while you are waiting for God's choice for you. I also love the Christian companies called "Lamplighter" and "Vision forum".