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I love my church. About three years ago, if you had asked me what I thought about church and I would have said I didn’t care. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I didn’t understand that church was an important part of every believers life, it was that I had been hurt so many times by the people in the church.

We would ask people to come over and they would agree to but then something else would come up. A lot of the girls were part of a club but I and my sisters were never invited. No one had the time for us but I saw them making time for other people and that hurt. I was only twelve at the time and perhaps I saw some things and misunderstood them but I felt left out and that was painful.

When we started attending White Stone Family Bible Church, I could have cared less. Looking back now, I know that if it hadn’t been for what happened next, I probably wouldn’t be going to church. What happened you might ask? People took the time out of there lived to show they cared. They came over to our home and spent time with us, they let us know that they were praying for us when we went through hard times, and they said ‘Hi Sarah,’ on Sunday mornings, showing me that they knew me and cared. .

One of the things that the Christian homeschooling community has really messed up is that they get so wrapped up in all sorts of activities that they don’t have time for people, yet making time for people and loving them is at the core of our Christian values.

So what can we do to show people that we care? How do we know that we have given enough time to people? We will take about that tomorrow

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