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 Buddy reads are some of the best, aren't they? You read a book and then you can talk about it deeply with the person you read it with. I have been very blessed these last few years to read a classic every month with my dear friend Kelsey. In fact, we even made some YouTube videos with some of our thoughts about the books from our first two years of reading.

One of the most surprising books I ended up loving was Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon.

If you have seen the popular play...this book is nothing like that. This was a rich book about a woman persevering through all kinds of trials, prejudice, and injustice to build a better future for the country of Siam. She came as a teacher and persevered where so many would have given up, all for the hope she could make the next generation see there were better ways. I found this book deeply encouraging and loved reading it with Kelsey (we talked about it in a video HERE)

Another book that surprised me with how deeply it affected me was Confessions by Augustine.

This work by an early church father felt like what an autobiography of a Christian should be: an honest look at one's life through the lens of the gospel. I didn't agree with all that Augustine did, but I came away deeply respecting his faith, testimony, and wanting to live more for the God I love. And yes, Kelsey and I spent a ton of time talking about this one. 

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While one of the Wilkester Mysteries, I stumbled upon a reference to the works of Charlotte Yonge. I told Kesley about it and we both decided we wanted to read her most popular book The Heir of Redclyffe.

Not only was this book well-written, I also found the Christian virtues displayed and valued, especially humility, to be encouraging. I am slowly making my way through her other works and I hope to one day release my own annotated version. 

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Sometimes, it takes reading something during the right time in your life to really appreciate it. When Kelsey and I started wading into reading classics together we started with Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, a book I had often said I didn't like. But my opinion changed. 

Because of some events that had happened in my life, the book was cathartic read and helped me process some things that had happened in my own life. I came away with a deeper appreciation for this work, even though it is still not my favorite Austen book. You can watch the video Kelsey and I did about it HERE.

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Strong in Battle by Susie Larson is not a classic, nor did I read it with Kelsey. This was a book I read with my Mom. This book is on dealing with spiritual battles we face every day. It was just what I needed and so did my Mom. I was so blessed to work through this with her. 

This book reminded me of where my focus should be during the stroms of life.

Have you read a book with a friend? What was your favorite part of the expraiance?

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  1. I’ve wanted to read Anna & the King for years, ever since I heard of it in a history book! And The Heir of Redclyffe + Sense & Sensibility are SO good. I loved you girls’ videos about them and the other books!!

  2. I actually squealed when I saw this was the free ebook today. :D Thank you so much!!!! I've been wanting to read it ever since I read Across the Land We Love.
    I think it would be fun to read a book a month with a friend! I love buddy reading. :)

  3. I love it that two of my favorite people read together. <3 Thanks for the free ebook!

  4. I found I can listen to Strong in Battle on audiobook on Scribd, and I'd like to give it a try.